Malkorin's Hammer

Down the King's Road

The festival now ended, Bardren returns from her fast. A man in the Duke’s livery arrives to tell us that the mule with supplies for our trip will be ready in the morning and inquires where we would like it. We request that it be in front of the inn.

In the meantime, we decide to follow up with Lord Balish at the garrison. In particular, we ask him about the troops that have gone missing. He responded that people above told him that it was not a problem, in particular, Captain of the Guard Dartor. Balish himself seems to think that they are being sabotaged. When we ask who has access to the patrol plans, he says that the four other commanders and the upper echelons have access. He is the newest commander having been in this position for two years.

The next morning, we find the mule and head east down the King’s Road.

King s road

We tread uphill all day, passed by gypsy caravans heading on from the festival along the way. We pass a trail north and decide to make camp. Looks like three more days to the first farm.

The next day, we break camp and proceed on. However, we are beset by 4 orcs and a dire boar. Although it is a tricky fight, in the end, we emerge victorious.

For this encounter, we earn 900 XP.

Previously, we had found Create Campsite and Simbul’s Conversion.


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