Malkorin's Hammer

From The Begining 2

The four adventurers met at the Laughing Goblin Inn, in Crestfell, whilst attending their respective “adventuring schools”. Shortly before their graduation days, Arshaka receives a letter inviting him to his old friend Amos’ return. Amos had been granted a promotion to Lt. and was given his own extended patrol squad, a rare honor for one so young. The party agreed to go to Chambsford with Arshaka, before starting out on their adventures. On the road to Chambsford, on a drizzly, dreary day, they got to a village, and to that villages inn, just before the sky let loose with a flash and a loud crack. As the party sat for a hot meal and some ale, a scream was heard from outside. The brave adventurers strode out onto the porch of the inn and in a flash of lightning saw some kobolds and fire beetles standing over someone. They rushed to the rescue, and promptly dealt with the kobolds and firebeetles, freeing the young boy that had been hit on the head. The village elders came to the party the next day and asked them to clear out an old keep to the north, that is where they suspected the kobolds had come from. The Party agrees, and goes north to clear the keep, which they do, of several kobolds, some firebeetles, a young white dragon, a summoned something, and a bear. The party is feasted, and then makes their way to Chambsford. They arrive several days earlier than they need to, Amos, they are told, wont be back for a few days. They decide to find something to do for a few days, and are directed to The Guild, an adventuring group “facilitator”. They take an adventure to retrieve a box south of the town. Then, when there are three boxes(later learning that the boxes are magical, and that a “Devlin” in Bilge can identify for them), not one, along with a journal that is found, they believe, correctly, that someones life may be in danger. They rush back to the city, and find out the persons whereabouts from the guild, and then rush to the home of the woman who had hired them, via the guild. Only to find her already brutally murdered. They start their own “investigation” into her murder, after informing the city guard. During the investigation, they run afoul of a Hobbit that runs a little shipping place called The Haulery. The investigation leads them all over the town, and finally to a man named Dozer, later learning that he was a merchant from Deepdelve who was possessed by a soul shard from a long forgotten god named Malkorin. They then track him to a cave in the wall of the valley that Chambsford is in. Upon entering the cave, they find a maze, and some items on a table near the entrance, one of them a map of the maze. They use the map to gain entrance the the inner sanctum of the temple that is there. They fight Dozer, only to have him turn into something not human after they “kill” him, his dying words being, “You saved me…..RUN” After killing the thing, they go back to town. Returning the next day to finish clearing out the temple of evil, vile creatures, and finding a small black “gem” in the room which they fought “Dozer” in. They put the “gem” in a secure location in a library vault, and have a librarian, and a priest of Pelor looking into this mess. They learn that there are in fact 12 “soul shards”, all of them having books, which can be used to bring back the evil god, from a long ago era. At this point, The cleric realizes that the Tourney transition is very near, and the party, according to her churches tenant, must either leave or stay for 11 more days. The party decides to stay in town for the transition festival, joining in on many of the tournament, which the grand melee was won by Aukan. Amidst all the festivities, they are invited to the dukes manor for the mid transition feast, where they help fight off an assassination attempt on the high protector of the realm. Upon being questioned, Bardryn learns that one of the advisers to the Earl(a dukes son), is none other than Oiti, her cousin, who requests of her to go to their ancestral home and give his father, her uncle who raised her, last rights. On the same night, the library where the “soul shard” was, burns to the ground. They meet interesting people all through out the festival, and have a grand ol’ time. Some interesting facts are also learned during this time. Bardryn is “warned” that she is being sought by the “tear”(or tier, not sure which), and the only usable references that the party finds(via the lore masters at the temples to Corellan, and Pelor), is a reference to a tear, somewhere far to the south west. The party is also asked by the High Protector, to look into the farmstead situation to the east for the realm. They agree, and head east, planning on heading back to here and heading north to do last rites for Bardryn’s uncle, then to the west(of Chabsford) to find out about the boxes, then head to the South West to find out about this tear(or tier). After the Transition is over, the party heads to the east, as planned, and heads off the road to go to the first “farmstead”. In the middle of the first afternoon off the road, they run into a band of orc, with a Dire boar. The party prevails, killing all they enemies.


Dryfus Dryfus

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