Malkorin's Hammer

The Pit and the Ogre

Exhausted by the fight, we set up camp away from the battleground. Refreshed after an uneventful night, we press on.

After some time, we hear a loud conversation in an unknown language ahead. We approach to see three orcs, two gnolls, and an ogre whipping them to cover a large pit.

Aukan and Althera advance on the pit, while Bardryn blesses the party and Arshaka creates a miniature shard over the pit. Althara engages an orc and Aukan pushes it into the pit. Then a mote of Arshaka’s spews lightning and pulls the other orcs and Aukan into the pit. Arshaka considers taking bets again. The gnolls shoot arrows. The ogre hurls boulders at Bardryn.

Bardryn takes offense and rushes the ogre, taking it on single handedly. A gnoll goes to get a ladder and lowers it into the pit. The orcs and Aukan lock up in a melee. An orc scrambles up, but is engaged by Althara. It scurries behind a rock and she jumps into the pit.

She and Aukan beat on the orcs in the pit, while Arshaka levitates and drops them repeatedly, Bardryn and the ogre trade blows and the gnolls rain arrows. After the second orc drops, the ogre leaps into the pit, on top of Aukan, knocking him senseless. Bardryn jumps in after him.

Arshaka gives Aukan a healing potion and he rises again. Bardryn finishes the ogre and scrambles up the ladder with Althara to face the gnolls, who are now peppering those in the pits with painful arrows. Bardryn is knocked senseless, and Arshaka climbs the ladder to assist her while Aukan finishes the last orc.

The party handily defeats the remaining gnolls.

It appears that this lies at the intersection of a number of game trails, and that the pit was intended as a trap for big game. So, it seems, it was successful.

On the bodies, we find, 3 gems worth 150 gp in total. In addition, each carries a symbol about their neck, a symbol of a brown hand with an eye with yellow sclera and green pupil.

For this encounter, the party earns 1175 XP (287 each).


Dryfus AdamJung

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