No one knows the specifics of Aukan’s birth. He was found in a mountain goliath village in swaddling bearing his name. Raiders, probably giants, had razed the village. The patrol that found him took him in and raised him in their keep. It was a hard life, but rewarding. Aukan learned the ways of battle training in the keep’s yard and later on patrol. Always pushing himself, in time he pushed the garrison to greater acts of heroism.

However, there came a day when the garrison encountered a threat greater than its abilities – giants, possibly the same giants who razed that village so long ago. Aukan was in the front of the battle urging them on when he was struck unconscious and left behind as the giants swept forward. Aukan awoke to find the keep in ruins and the garrison slaughtered to a man.

He struck out to find a new home and a new purpose. Eventually he found a knight, Vardog, who took him under his wing as squire. Under his tutelage, Aukan honed his skills in combat. However, in addition, to those skills, Aukan gained an appreciation not just for competition, but also for honorable compassion. Defending others from threats resonated with his past.

Eventually, he took on a knightly mantle of his own an struck out to find adventures to have songs sung about…


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