Malkorin's Hammer

News from the Big City

We find the assistant, Rodney, in the office. “Ah, you are here already.” A head pokes up from behind a couch. The boy attached to the head becomes fascinated with Arshaka. We warn Rodney on the attacks. He says that they all seem to be south of the road — that he has heard nothing of them north of it. To communicate with the city, we must use the mirror.

He leads us down a spiral staircase. At the bottom is a large iron door, the doorway enscribed with magical symbols and encrusted with precious gems. Rodney moves his hand towards the door and it blurs, opening the doors. They reveal a large circular chamber with a mirror. Rodney conducts a ritual and Amos appears in the mirror.

He tells us that he has been promoted to captain. His predecessor was arrested as being in the conspiracy to assassinate the High Protector. An incriminated letter was found addressed to him. He was questioned, but the next morning was found dead by a copper dagger with the note “Dead Men tell no tales.” A priest of Corellon was also found with a similar dagger and note, all written in the same hand as the note we found before. The High Protector is away, but left a sealed note. It says that there may be an army out there, and that we should watch out for it. It also commands us to call back from the west most tower when we reach there — in elf territory. We ask about excavation of the library. Amos tells us that they have reached the first vault, perhaps three weeks to the vault of interest to us.

We proceed to the next village north of the road and west of the mirror tower. On the third day, we hear an approaching horse. Althara investigates to find a woman on the horse. She wears plate and appears to be a paladin of Pelor. When she removes her helmet, Althera is surprised to see a vision of the woman who killed her parents. When she confronts the paladin about this, she responds, “Ah, I see you’ve met my sisters.” She says that her name is Isabella, that the now deceased sister who killed Althera’s parents must have been Ishadego, and her remaining wayward sister is Isis. She says that they were born into a family of brigands, but that she chose another path. She says that she is returning from the next kingdom to the west, where she delivered a message for her order. She notes that she has not seen signs of goblinoids on the way and the the town ahead was fine as of a day ago.

With this news, we opt to head for the next town. We find that town intact. It has not been attacked, but a mixed group of goblinoids were seen to the northwest a few weeks ago. The hunter Hajit will be back in the morning. The next morning we discuss this with him. There are two towns to the northwest, 4 and 8 days away. We set out for the nearer town, using Tenser’s Floating Disk to increase our pace and make up lost time.


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