Malkorin's Hammer

Signs of Trouble

We move away from the pit to make camp. The next day, we continue southwest. After 3 hours, we smell embers. An hour later, we find the source of the odor — a clearing with a small keep with a wooden palisade. The field has been trampled and the wall is singed. There are the remains of numerous campfires around the keep and there are goblinoid footprints everywhere. Along with those are larger prints, up to giant sized.

As we approach the keep, we notice that we are being watched and targeted by the keep’s defenders. They wave us into shouting distance and we say that we were sent by the high protector. We are directed to the main gate. The gates are askew, but we see that there is a stone wall behind it. That may explain why the besiegers departed. At the gate, we are met by a dwarf with men behind him. Suspicious at first, he warms when presented with the high protector’s writ.

Inside, we see that one section of the wall is not yet completed. Our host says that the siege started 3 months ago. He describes the attacking army. Strange that all these races were working together. They used pitch and ladders, but not magic. There was a leader and his lieutenants who were away for weeks at a time. The leader was a giant with a huge sword and an eye patch. He had an iron grip on the army. It left about a week ago in many small groups in all directions. The defenders assume that the besiegers were after food. The keep has about 250 residents and 500 builders.

We travel for two days to the next town, occasionally trying out methods of delivering explosives into the camp. There were tree-slingshots involved. At midday we find another palisade wall, this one with crops growing outside. The mayor says that there have been no problems. We inform him of the trouble and advise that they begin their stone wall.

We travel to the next settlement and find a village destroyed 5-6 months ago. We decide to cross the king’s road towards the nearest keep with communications. We find a clearing and a keeps walls with crops and orchards outside. They are in contact with some of the nearby villages and have heard of no problems.

We arrive at the village with communications and find the mayor in a drunken stupor. His assistant proves more helpful. What news will he have…?


Dryfus AdamJung

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