Malkorin's Hammer

Web of Pursuit

We arrive in the next town and are directed to the mayor. He tells us that a couple of days ago, 6-7 goblins and a hobgoblin had been seen heading almost north. A guide takes us to the place where they were spotted and we follow a game trail north. We come across a cross trail with 2 day old carcasses. We follow a trail northwest.

We come to a stream and encounter two spiders, spiderlings, an ettercap fang guard and an ettercap web slinger. Although Althera and Bardrin are hit badly, we defeat the creatures.

We reach town at night and meet the mayor. (Something about a telepathic response from Valone). Apparently, this town has not seen goblins. He would like us to investigate the mansion in the swamp. Apparently there are zombies and skeletons harassing the town and it has become worse in the last six months.

For the ettercaps, we earn 302 XP each. We also find 25 gp each.


Dryfus AdamJung

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